About Us

The WAG of WAGSURF stands for the name of it's founder, Wagner Deabreu but it also stand for WATER AND GROUND SURF which reveals an important side of this program that utilizes skate board to simulate surfing moves on land.  Wagner is a surfing consultant and he believes that Surfing is a luxury that everyone needs to appreciate every day and for anyone to reach their full potential, many different factors come into play.

Firstly, it’s not all about surfing. Signing up with Wagner will require hard work, dedication and discipline. A big part of Wagner’s philosophy is that what he teaches can be applied to most facets of life. He believes that by inspiring students to put everything into their surfing, they will simultaneously learn the bigger picture benefits along the way.


How We Got Started

Surfing doesn’t come naturally to everyone, but for Wagner it did. At the young age of 10 he was getting barreled and punting airs. It was then that he discovered a rare talent not only for surfing but for teaching others to surf to their full potential. Unlike most talented young surfers, Wagner was not interested in the Pro tour, his greatest satisfaction came from sharing his knowledge and techniques with others. So much so, that 30 years later, he is a full time Surf Coach living in the South Bay.


Our Ideal Customer

Intermediate, semi-pro surfers.
Everyone’s goals are different; some are competition based and others to maximize their learning curve. Wagner believes that the fundamentals are the same but each individual needs a personal recipe to achieve their goals. He structures all his classes in a way that each student gets the attention they need. He also believes that people are competitive and that being around each other pushes them to their full surfing potential.